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How to change a uPVC Door Cylinder & Locking Mechanism.

First of all you have to take out the screw that holds the cylinder. To take the cylinder out you will need to turn the key a little for the cam to go out of the way and then pull out the lock.

For Replacing the Locking Mechanism, you will need to strip off the handles, and the side screws that hold it in. While you doing that, pay attention not to unscrew the hexagonal screws that hold the case and the hooks together. You only have to take out the star screws!

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These are all the parts that you will end up with after you striped the door.

To change the parts, you have to find the right replacement, and fit it on the door, put back all the screws and parts you took off and you’re all set.

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Important to know for a tenant when locked out or wants to change the front door locks

When it comes to the locks on rented living spaces (apartments, houses or rooms) is important for you to know your rights and obligations, either side of contract you stand. The landlord is responsible for changing and maintaining the locks. If the locks fail he is responsible. The tenant is not allowed to modify the layout of the entryways without the landlord consent. Keeping this in mind we raise these questions:

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What can the tenant do when locked out of house?

The proper way to deal with this issue is to immediately call your landlord to let him know you are locked out, or if you can’t reach him, just leave him a text or an e-mail. He might have contracted a locksmith to deal with these sorts of problems. In other words, just call you landlord and start from there.

When the landlord is unreachable?

No matter the reason, if he doesn’t get back to you shortly, you can take the matters in to your own hands and call a professional with no fear. Make sure that you send at least a text to your landlord, detailing the problem before calling a locksmith to assist you with your issue.

Who will pay?

If you lost, misplaced or forgot your keys, than you will be the one paying for the services. But in case of a faulty lock, the landlord will support the expenses. Do not forget, to tell the locksmith to write down on the invoice the facts that led to the problem if it’s the case. The invoice is very important, it being the proof that the work was done by a professional, and what exactly was done, as well as the reason it was done for. Yes, you need to call a professional, you can’t do it yourself! In both cases you will have to pay, but if it’s not your fault, you will be repaid by your landlord.

In lock change scenarios

In lock change scenarios the procedure is the same: let the landlord know about the problem, if he does not solve it, you can hire a locksmith to change your locks and the landlord will have to pay you back.

When you find yourself in a similar situation and you do not know what to do, just call us and we will give you all the information you need, plus professional locksmith assistance if you require.

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Burglary And Faulty Locks VS Insurance

Many people these days have no clue about what does it mean to have house insurance. If you are one of them, than you are among the lucky ones that landed on this page and are about to find out, from a locksmith perspective, what this insurance covers and which is the correct path to take.

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Burglary: First of all, in case of a burglary, most insurance companies will cover your stolen goods and damages made in the process. Among these are the locks, doors or windows. So if you experienced a brake-in, hire an expert to take care of your problems, you are totally covered. The invoice you will receive is a proof from a third party that details everything that was broken together with detailed costs and warranty for the works done and parts used. If you don’t call for professional help, you risk not to be paid by the insurance company.

Broken Locks: Second, if your locks fail or your keys don’t work, than the insurance company will support the costs for opening and changing the locks. As soon as you discover the problem, call for a locksmith. He will assess the situation, fix your problem and give you the right documentation for you to take to the insurance company.

In any of these cases you find yourself in, call for professional help as soon you discover the issue. The technician should be able to explain and advice you. Do not try to do it on your own, if you do then the insurance won’t pay a penny. Also you risk damaging the locks or door even further and you will have to support the costs for the repairs. Be smart and call for help!



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